Josh's Story

From a very young age,  Josh Bowen has always had a passion for helping people through physical activities. As an Elementary & High School P.E. Coach, Athletic Director and Personal Trainer, Josh has provided instruction for all age groups. His unwavering desire to assist and motivate people may have unknowingly began at a time when his own health was compromised. As a young child, Josh had to undergo major surgery due to 2 holes discovered in his 2-year old heart. With a successful operation and extensive healing process, Josh knew from an early age how to overcome diversity and the importance of preparing one's spirit, mind and body for an active lifestyle.


Josh grew up playing numerous sports including basketball, football and baseball. As a teenager, Josh’s favorite past time was competing nationally in physical fitness competitions. It was during this phase of his life that Josh began experiencing a considerable amount of joint pain. Originally, this would be contributed to natural growing pains, however, as the pain continued Josh was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a form of arthritis that causes inflammation of the joints, a chronic condition that can last for months (if not years) in a young person’s life. If heart surgery and an arthritis diagnosis wasn’t enough, at the age of 22 Josh was diagnosed with 2 tumors which were later removed from his right hip. Although non-life threatening, Josh was advised he would be unable to continue his active lifestyle of sports and fitness. Having already experienced diversity in his young life, Josh was determined to prove once again, obstacles and challenges would not discourage his will and determination to live a life of health and fitness.

Josh with wife Karlee Bowen

Josh with wife Karlee Bowen

At the current age of 27, Josh lives an active lifestyle and enjoys helping people. Whether they have perfect health or experiencing health-related challenges, Josh is happy to assist people in reaching their true potential. Having someone who directly understands how one’s health can be compromised, Josh has learned how to work around his own health issues and has a passion to help others find alternative methods of coping with mental and physical obstacles. Passing knowledge and experience on to his clients is Josh's mission in life.

As an accredited instructor, Josh recognizes the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Gaining confidence in one's self by training the spirit, mind and body at a suitable pace for each individual, will always be the objective of Josh Bowen and his new venture Upside Fit. Preparing one's mind and body for an active lifestyle that may include biking, hiking, swimming, weightlifting, sky-diving and anything else your heart desires, is the benefit of what Josh calls “Cross Functional Training”. The joy of seeing someone regain control of their life, is the reason why Josh is passionate about his profession. Josh seeks to help as many people as possible in his teachings on how to win back “LIFE”.

Josh Bowen’s Credentials: 

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Red Cross – CPR, AED & First Aid Certified
  • Over 800 Training Sessions & a over a decade of fitness experience