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Josh Bowen has been my personal trainer for 6 months. While I don’t look like Charles Atlas (for the old timers), or Arnold Schwarzenegger (for the middle-aged) or some 20-year-old buff punk, Josh has pushed me into being a lot fitter than I was 6 months ago. He has been surprisingly inventive in creating different routines that keep me from getting bored. I actually enjoy the workouts and am sometimes disappointed that the session ends so soon! (Okay, the last part might be a slight exaggeration.) Working with Josh has improved my sense of humor AND golf game too. I would definitely and wholeheartedly recommend Josh to anyone interested in improving their physical well-being.

Avanish Zaveri
Jan. 1, 2016


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While any trainer can guide a client through a preset workout routine, there are some personal trainers that go far above and beyond the expectations of their job description. There is an elite group of trainers who are able to drive people to do more than they think they can do and be healthier than they ever could have been had these clients tried to improve their lives by themselves. Josh is an excellent example of one of these elite trainers. 

Despite having extensive experience with many personal trainers in the past, I have never seen results quite like those I have experienced with Josh. Josh is willing to work with every client on an individual basis, considering their needs, preferences, time constraints, and individual abilities. Despite my extreme time constraints, Josh has been able to help me sculpt my body into a healthier frame, and I look forward to the sessions we have together. Each workout is unique and I (nor my body) really know what’s going to come next. This makes every workout exciting and enjoyable. Josh’s personality also makes for a great trainer in that he is always optimistic and encouraging (even when clients do really bad things, such as eating a quart of ice cream the day before weigh-in). At the same time, he always has unique and fun suggestions for workouts and dieting, which I personally appreciate.

Benjamin Blackwell



I joined on August 17th, 2015.   Like most of us we join a gym with the idea of improving ourselves.  From the beginning the staff made me feel comfortable and welcome.   They made me feel like a person and not a number.   After the orientation and the one on one with Josh I felt this would work for me.

Josh, my trainer has motivated and challenged me from day one.    At the onset he asked what were my goals.  It was to lose weight and gradually get my fitness level up.   Well, once we started the program he set up for me, it was easy so to speak.   Josh motivates me and his work outs are always challenging.   Most important to me is that they are working and  keeps it fun and fresh.   He is always willing to answer any questions and takes a personal concern in the person.  I see it in myself and in the other trainees he has.  He covers nutrients and makes sure I am following the plan set for me. 

As of August 17th, I have lost 40lbs.   well ahead of where I thought I would be.  I have also gained strength and my conditioning level has gone up.  With his help I know I will keep improving and get where I want to be physically. 

Thank you Josh,

Carlos Riv



Josh Bowen has been my trainer for the last two months.  Josh has been instrumental in teaching me to eat healthy, which together with his workouts has helped me through my dealing with menopause.  I have more energy, I'm toning up, and I have an overall good feeling about my health.  I love the customized workouts and constant health education that I can follow in and out of the gym.

Thank you Josh!

Susie C.



Josh came to be my trainer as a result of my former trainer never showing up for our last session and never hearing from her again.  I was ready to not have a trainer so Josh had a big job ahead of him.We struggled a little in the beginning of our time together.  He had one idea of how he could best help me and I had another.  It actually took weeks of hashing it out, discussing fitness, my theories, his theories, my expectations and his beliefs on how to meet them.  I will admit I am a high maintenance client.  I don't just want to be told what to do for 30 min sessions and then let go.  I want to know what muscles I'm working, how, why, what days I should do what and much much more.

Josh never gave me the feeling that he was going to give up on me.  He knew that all my questions were driven by a determination to succeed.  He took that enthusiasm and worked very hard to get us to a place where I was able to do what I love in the gym(lift heavy) and still use our time together to push me outside my comfort zone to do what I needed to do for my goals.
Josh gives his all to his clients.  He wants them to succeed and feel good doing it.

He is always striving to be a better trainer.

If there is something he doesn't know he isn't afraid to say he doesn't know, but he will find out.  Some trainers act like they know it all.  Sorry to say "no one does".  Josh isn't like that.  Thank Goodness.

When you are working with Josh you are his top priority and it doesn't matter if you are young, old, male, female, fit or not fit.  He is always encouraging and never makes you feel bad about what you can and can not "yet" do. Although he may not let you use the words "I can't".  You must try or how else will you ever know if you CAN.

I have enjoyed working with Josh so much that I hired him to train my teenage boys in agility and fitness to improve their soccer game.  Don't even get me started on how good he is at that........just ask my boys.

Myriah Jansezian



The summer after my third year of college, I had noticed that my body and physical condition was not as great as it once was when I played soccer competitively. I watched from the sidelines as my cousins and friends played a full ninety minutes of soccer, and I couldn’t help but to feel sad that I wasn’t in the same condition as them. I, therefore, took action and joined Retro Fitness in Pomona and started to work out on my own. That is when Retro Fitness called me for an orientation class which would provide me with information about my physical condition and health goals. I set up an appointment and met my soon-to-be personal trainer, Josh Bowen.

When I first met Josh, he greeted me with a smile and had with him great energy and enthusiasm. Josh was the trainer who guided me through the orientation class and gave me information about my health and help set up health goals for the future. I soon decided that Josh would be an excellent personal trainer, and signed up for weekly training sessions so that I could meet my goals before school began. He knew that we had two months before school started and that it would require me to be dedicated and focused if I wanted to achieve my goal of dropping weight.  Thankfully, Josh was patient and understanding which led me to trust him as my trainer. He set up daily workouts for the week and help me keep track of my caloric intake. During my workouts he pushed me to limits I had not been pushed before. He didn’t go easy on me, and I am glad he didn’t because I am in better shape than I was when I first started with Josh.

I started my training sessions at approximately 180 pounds but after those two months I dropped 10 pounds and gained some muscle mass. Even though he is not training me anymore, he still contacts me askingwhether or not I am working out and eating healthily. I’m glad he is still concerned about my progress and health because THAT is what gives me motivation to keep pushing myself at the gym. Knowing that I made a personal connection with my trainer has made all the difference now that I have started a new chapter in taking care of my body.

Josh Bowen, is a fun, wonderful and dedicated person. He is passionate about what he does and actually cares about people that he meets. He wants to help change people for the better by guiding them in the right direction by providing information about health and fitness.

Josmar Lima



You are the best. Plus one of the most decent men I have ever met. I am blessed to have you as my guru in turning too many bad habits around. You and yours have worked wonders with my girls.

Thanks Again,

David B.